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Free Complaint Handling Procedure Template for a Quality Management System

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Due to increasing demand, I’m releasing a Complaint Handling Procedure template for medical device companies looking to jumpstart their Quality Management System. As I mentioned in my Design Control Procedure Template post,I believe that companies should have easy access to these templates because they help teams stay compliant and develop safer products.

Note: If you see any typos or think that something in the template should be edited, please let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Download Link (Microsoft Word .docx file) :
Complaint Handling Procedure (SOP) Template


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This is a blog about entrepreneurship, travelling, business and life from the mind of Alvin Tai.

One Comment

  1. Hello,

    Your Complaint Handling procedure seems to be very complete. When using it, is it necessary to have an additional Regulatory Report procedure as it seems to be included in your Complaint Handling procedure ? If so, would you have such a template?
    Best regards

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