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There’s so many things that I want to talk about but haven’t had the time to post for some reason. So, instead of making proper posts about these things I thought I’d just write a snippet for each topic. In fact, to make sure that I write informative and concise statements, I will write exactly 3 sentences for each topic.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
What the heck is BP doing? It’s been 30+ days since the original explosion that caused the oil leakage and since then it doesn’t seem like anything has been accomplished!? Unfortunately, this spill will probably bankrupt BP and make all the other oil companies stronger and more righteous.

Girls Should Ask Guys Out On Dates
I think that more girls should ask guys out on dates. Though this is under the assumption that girls even want to date me, BUT as long as you’re not a TOTAL bitch, I’d probably be willing go out on at least one date with any girl who asked me out. Break out of social norms and start asking guys me out!

After careful calendar counting, I’ve come to realize how precious weekends are to the working class. There are only 52 weekends in a year and only about a third of them fall under the “hot” season, which is a measly 17 SUMMER DAY WEEKENDS. If you want to plan something on a summer weekend, my advice is to schedule it 4+ weeks in advance.

Life Changing Advice #4.5 (for men only)
If there are an odd number of urinals, choose one that will allow the MAX number of pee-ers if they were to stand in every-other location. 

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This is a blog about entrepreneurship, travelling, business and life from the mind of Alvin Tai.

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